New EP “Featherweight”

Sofie Sörman sings the music of Karl Jannuska release date: 01/15 2021. Release concert 10/30 2021 6pm at Sunside Jazz club

Paris move

“Sofie Sörman has total vocal mastery, a pure voice that brushes the wings of the angels, so no matter the language, listening is above all a great lesson in wisdom, even contemplation. “

Released in 2018

Album ``Vindarna``

Swedish jazz made in France. Vindarna is Sofie Sörman’s second album after the critically acclaimed “Ripples” (2014)

Released in 2014

Album ``Ripples``

« Sofie Sörman, living in Paris, will surely start a buzz with such a captivating voice. The CD gets us going at first play and you can’t stop ! »
La voix du Nord