Sofie Sörman is a Swedish jazz singer, composer and lyricist. Her debut album « Ripples » was released in France on the 3rd of February, Sofie  has wooed the Paris Jazz scene and her stage-borne allure has seduced the French media..

With a captivating voice and sultry groove, her songs expand into a perfect mastery of the jazz idiom. The other key to the success of Ripples is the Armel Dupas trio, whose keyboardist is one of the most inspired composers of the new French generation. The result places colorful nuances around this brilliant songstress. 

In song, Sofie is intimately connected to her life experiences. Her elemental lyrical approach reveals an at-once sensual and vibrant personality, which merge pleasantly into her pure and natural sound. Born in Stockholm, Sweden to musician parents, Sofie’s attraction to the world of music was natural and she began singing at an early age. At the age of 10, she entered the Adolf Fredriks Musikskola (National School of Music) in Stockholm. As her career as a songstress starting, she continued her studies at the Södra Latin Music Conservatory. Between the ages of 17 and 19, she recorded her debut album, an EP and single that was released in Japan and Germany. She later toured with the Swedish pop group The Charlots.

Sofie’s artistic focus on the plane of Jazz music has been some time in the making. She made the choice to broaden the scope of her career as a composer and singer by coming to Paris, France in the year of 2001. One can hear that her journey to the melting pot of musical cultures has certainly helped her and her sound to expand into the realm of the passionate and the romantically genuine.

Sofie now works, resides in and travels from her Parisian Metropolis, where the idioms of Jazz have become a framework for many musical minds. Uniquely from Sofie Sorman, comes the blend of emotion in the traditional French ‘Chanson’ with the melancholic and airy Swedish folktones. Here is where we encounter the realm of the deeply personal and the universal.

In the concert arena, Sofie has been performing at the most prestigious festivals and venues in France. She has also toured in other European countries like Sweden, Italy and Russia. Outside of Europe She has performed in New York City and Cairo, Egypt