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NEW ALBUM VINDARNA released 27-04-2018

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« Ripples » Disc of the week on french Jazz Radio FIP !

Sofie Sörman is a Swedish jazz singer, composer and lyricist. Her debut album « Ripples » was released in France on the 3rd of February. Sofie  has wooed the Paris Jazz scene and her stage-borne allure has seduced the French media..

« Sofie Sörman, living in Paris, will surely start a buzz with  such a captivating voice.  The CD gets us going at first play and you can't stop ! » La voix du Nord

Cast away the cliché of the icy Scandinavian, Sofie Sörman has fire in her veins and a simmering sensitivity in her voice » Republic Lorrain

« … Her style and personal, instantely identifiable voice ; softness and confidence, fluidity and impeccable groove ».. » A tremendously  beautiful project to consume without moderation » La République du Jazz

This songtress offers a beautiful ensemble/repertoire of songs (« Dreamer », »Ripples » and « Changes ») that incites the desire to  her live on stage. » Jazz News

"Sofie Sörman, Is an author-composer and vocalist of breathtaking softness" Femme Actuelle